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Image by Resat Kuleli

Commission of Arts

Alan specializes in the creation of digital fine art portraits of animals and wildlife. His work is characterized by its hyperrealistic style and attention to detail, often using colors that amplify the natural beauty of animals. He takes exceptional care and effort in crafting each piece to ensure that it captures the individual personality of his subjects, resulting in a unique and striking work of art. 

Courageous - Lion.jpg

What Clients Say

“Alan's wildlife artwork is really breathtaking and his attention to detail is unmatched. The way he captures the essence and presence of animals in the natural world is absolutely breathtaking. Alan has produced an incredible body of work honoring the wildlife and many of the animals he paints are endangered. We hope that his artwork will encourage us to provide them with the support they need to survive.” 

~ Jimmy Tay
“Alan is not only talented in drawing lifelike animals and creatures, he is also able to capture the likeness of people's portraits! I am honoured to have receive a drawing of myself
drawn by him, and it makes such a  personalised gift for family and friends if you commission him to draw your loved ones.
Alan is professional and experienced in his field. Not to mention it was a pleasure to work with him as well! Highly recommended!”

~ Liwen Quek

Commission Process

Get In Touch (3).png
Step 1
Get in Touch

Reach out via Phone, WhatsApp or Email for enquiry.

Discuss (1).png
Step 2
Discuss Your Project

A friendly discussion of your requirements, and a quote on the total cost & delivery timeline.

Step 3
Art in Process

Upon your agreement and having receive the payment from you, actual drawing shall commence.

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Step 4

A full-resolution file will be sent to your email after receipt of payment.

  • How long does it take to finish a commission piece?
    Depending on factors such as health condition, difficulty of required commission piece, peak seasons etc., it may take about 1 - 3 weeks to complete your commission. Occasionally it could be earlier, but never for more than a month.
  • When is the payment for the commission piece needed?
    Once a commission request has been mutually agreed and a slot has been reserved, you will receive an invoice for the required payment amount. Payment can be made payment either via PayPal, or via bank transfer from any local bank in Singapore. PayNow is also accepted. Commissions can be paid either 100% upfront, or 50% down payment with balance 50% payment after sketch approval. Note: Please do not send over any payment till received confirmation of your reserved slot.
  • Are foreign currencies accepted for payment of a commission piece?
    Payment is accepted for Singapore Dollar (SGD) only. For conversion to Singapore Dollar, please use: Payment can be made payment either via PayPal, or via bank transfer from any local bank in Singapore. PayNow is also accepted.
  • What are the type of photos needed for the commission piece?
    A full, detailed description and ideally with reference images or photos with a clear shot of the face are needed. It is the best to provide as much information as possible for the commission to be more accurate. Note: For Animal/ Creature/Pet Portraits - Clear photos in natural lighting are needed. Please do not provide photos that are blur, out of focus, or with a dark lighting.
  • Are cancellations allowed and will a full refund be made?
    Commissions can be cancelled. However the refund amount will depend on the progress of the drawing. If the drawing has not started, you can receive a full refund excluding any transaction fees from the bank or PayPal. Kindly contact us should you have further questions.
  • How many changes are allowed for a commission piece?
    3 changes are allowed for each commission piece before the final drawing. Except in cases of miscommunication on our end, additional fees will apply for further changes requested after your approval on the final drawing. The amount of additional charge will depend on the complexity of changes required. Usually, it is based on an hourly rate x number of hours required to complete the change.
  • How will the commission piece be delivered?
    Upon completion of the commission piece, a web-friendly and full-resolution image shall be sent to you. Note: There is no physical product. Depending on your location, you can seek our assistance to print your artwork and have it shipped to you. There will be additional printing, packaging and shipping fees involved which will be quoted to you separately.
  • What are the types of illustrations for a commission piece?
    For animal subjects, you may request for any of the following commission: Headshot/Portrait illustration A portrait/bust commission crops the subject around the neck/shoulder area depending on the individual subject either with a simple or detailed background. Price varies based on the type of background required. Half Body illustration A half body illustration shows the subject from the hip/knee area and above either with a simple or detailed background. Price varies based on the type of background required. Full illustration A full body may include action poses and advanced lighting either with a no background, solid color or detailed background. Price varies based on the type of background required. Kindly contact us for more enquiries.
  • Besides animals, can commissions be drawn for other subjects?
    Yes. Besides animals, commissions can be drawn for the following: Creatures Caricature Cartoon Fantasy creatures Fanart The below subjects are strictly not accepted: Hateful art, gore and fetishes Pornography and NSFW Imitation of others' art styles Mecha art & Realism Intense Gore and/or Racist themes Kindly contact us for more enquiries.
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