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Zebras in Wild


Being a nature and wildlife enthusiast, Alan translates his love for them into drawings. Using digital art, he hopes to spread messages about the importance and urgency of the conservation of animals, ultimately saving them from the fate of extinction. 

Wild Life Art

His remarkably naturalistic portraits of animal subjects are depicted on a blend of clean and vibrant backgrounds, creating a dramatic graphic image with a touch of modern aesthetic. Each image has an almost snap-shot quality, showing his unique ability to capture the personality of each animal in all of his pieces. “Animals play a significant role in the ecosystem, environment, and our lives. Through my eyes, I hope to inspire others to see the human side in animals – the way they make you smile or feel compassion for them through an action or an expression. It's the connection with mother nature that heals our mind, body, and soul.” he said.

Panda 2 edited_edited.jpg


A sneak peek of the drawing process.


A sneak peek of the step-by-step drawing process,
from the first step of a sketch of the basic composition of the subject
then refining with more details layer by layer
until the art is completed. 
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